TeenPACT Maryland - March 16-20, 2020 at the State House in Annapolis

At TeenPact, students will have the opportunity to learn about government from a Christian Worldview. TeenPact students will be studying and learning at the state house and senate in Annapolis. Students will get to interview lobbyists, analyze media as well as discuss actual bills as they work their way through the legislature. Students will have the opportunity to write their own bills and discuss them in the TeenPact legislature. At TeenPact the students will enjoy daily worship sessions and devotional times. TeenPact is an excellent hands on way to learn about the legislative and government process and ways to impact our culture for Jesus Christ.

This year’s sessions will be held March 16- 20, 2020. The sessions include a 4-day class for teens and a 1-day for 8-12-year-olds, Political Communication for Teens, in Annapolis. More information and registration is at www.teenpact.com, or contact our State Coordinator Sophie Heinsohn at Maryland@teenpact.com, or Diane Etherton 301-467-0465.




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