The following ALERTS are of current importance to Maryland home schooling families.
All other recent legislative issues in Annapolis have been resolved successfully. Thank you for your support.


Dangerous Home School Bill introduced during the 2018 Maryland Assembly!


During last year’s Maryland Assembly an alarming bill was introduced into the Maryland House of Delegates. HB 1798 as introduced would give the keys to county officials to invade the privacy of your home under the guise of "observing Instruction".

If enacted, this bill would have introduced into Maryland statute a requirement that representatives from county board of education visit
all the homes where families are teaching their children and be allowed to "observe instruction," within the home. The proposed bill, as submitted, would apply to all Maryland homeschooling families, regardless if they are enrolled in a MSDE recognized educational oversight program (umbrella program) or homeschooling through county oversight.

Maryland homeschooling families already have sufficient accountability under the current regulations, either by working directly with their county boards of education or by enrolling under the oversight of a bona fide educational program.

MACHE, along with the Home School Legal Defense Association and other organizations, went to work. We were able to communicate directly with the sponsors of the bill as well as members of the House Ways and Means Committee who would be hearing the bill. We contacted the nearly 4,000 MACHE member families and within 5 days hundreds of calls and emails flooded the offices of the state senate and house delegates. We were able to get the bill stopped for the 2018 session.

However, the sponsors of HB 1798 have said they plan to re-introduce a similar bill in the upcoming legislative session. If that happens, MACHE will be ready to go to work to defend your right to homeschool.

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